Seasonal greetings

Hello, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.Thank you for your patronage on Kyoto Whisky this year.Every one of our staffs will

Jingle Bells

Merry Christmas, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.We can hear jingle bells.Look at the cake that one of staffs made!No matter in

Does whisky expire?

Hello, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.Let’s begin with a simple question: does whisky expire?We proudly say that whisky d

Hot whisky

Hello, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.As it gets colder and colder especially in morning and evening, we can feel that autumn ends and

Hand-made original key chain

Hello, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.One of our ‘enthusiastic’ staffs have made the original key chain of Kyoto Gin and Kyoto Whisky.How