The first whisky distillery in Kyoto

Kyoto Miyako Distillery is the first whisky distillery in Kyoto, located in Kyotamba-Cho and surrounded by beautiful nature, which is in the central part of Kyoto Prefecture. Not far from the distillery, there is Yura River which is known as Ayu (Sweetfish) fishing spot.

Kyoto Miyako Distillery‘s Pot Still

At Kyoto Miyako Distillery, there are two types of pot stills, a straight head type and a bulge type. The straight head type makes spirit with a relatively bold taste of ingredients and the bulge type helps to produce spirit with a gorgeous and smooth taste. By using different types of pot stills, the range of whisky tastes gets further expanded.


Barrel aging

Kyoto Miyako Distillery is located in Kyotamba-Cho. As it is surrounded by mountains such as Mt. Chorogatake, the temperature difference between day and night here is big. This temperature difference accelerates the whisky aging which is an indispensable step in whisky making.