Togetsu Bridge

Hello, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.The famous Togetsu Bridge in Arashiyama spans the river known as Oigawa. Upstream from the Togetsu Bridge i

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Hello, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.【Kyoto Sightseeing No.30】Kiyomizu-dera Temple is a popular tourist spot in Kyoto and is also registered a

whiskey making

"Distillation" -The key for whiskey making.Distillation is the process of heating the fermented barley mash and separating the different components


Hello, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.Kyotamba-cho, where the distillery is located, is surrounded by abundant nature, with the Yura River known

Yasaka Shrine

【Kyoto Sightseeing No.29】Yasaka Shrine, located in Kyoto city, receives one million visitors every year during the New Year's shrine visit (hatsum

3-bottle set

Hello, this is Kyoto Miyako Distillery.Did you know that we offer a 3-bottle set of 200ml Kyoto Whisky?It's convenient for portability and per