Our Vision for the Future

We aspire to be a company that nurtures positive relationships with all stakeholders and endeavors to improve the quality of life for residents and society at large in collaboration with the city of Kyoto.

To achieve this, Kyoto Shuzo Corporation embraces the guiding principles of the ‘4H’ philosophy, each representing essential values:
01.[HEART] – Devoted craftsmanship for creating valuable products.
02.[HOME] – Deeply rooted in Kyoto, aiming to become a representative company of the city.
03.[HOSPITALITY] – Drawing inspiration from tradition and providing the highest level of service.
04.[HAPPY] – Ensuring the happiness of our employees.

01.Our Passion: [HEART]

~ Crafting Excellence with Care ~

01. Our Passion: [HEART]

~ Crafting Excellence with Care ~

We use carefully selected raw materials, and our skilled artisans distill each product with heartfelt dedication, creating locally rooted items.

Our labels showcase Kyoto’s traditional craft, ‘Nishijin-ori’ (Nishijin weaving), adorned with an elegant and vibrant design reminiscent of a kimono obi. This unique whisky, a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary sensibilities, aims to convey the charm of Kyoto.

The concept of ‘craftsmanship’ extends beyond products to encompass contributions to a thriving society through our business endeavors.

02.Regional Revitalization: [HOME]

~ Crafting Beloved Spirits Rooted in the Local Community ~

02. Regional Revitalization: [HOME]

~ Crafting Beloved Spirits Rooted in the Local Community ~

Amidst Kyoto’s rich history, traditions, and breathtaking natural beauty, we dedicate ourselves to the art of spirits making. Embracing traditional brewing methods within this abundant, culturally significant setting, we aim to preserve the essence of traditional manufacturing while exploring new flavors. Our goal is to establish a company deeply rooted in the heart of Kyoto.

As a first step, we have chosen to incorporate Kyoto’s renowned traditional craft, ‘Nishijin-ori’ (Nishijin weaving), into our products. By venturing into new avenues of spirits production appreciated as souvenirs, we aim to create whiskies that embody the unique value of being available only in this region.

Furthermore, we commit to fulfilling our responsibility as a company dedicated to the sustainable development of Kyoto. This includes offering environmentally conscious products and growing in tandem with the local community, ensuring that our whiskies contribute to the region’s sustainable growth.

03.Kyoto’s Spirit: [HOSPITALITY]

~ Sharing the Spirit of Hospitality with the World ~

In all our relationships, we embrace the spirit of hospitality that Kyoto is renowned for, treating others with respect and demonstrating meticulous attention to detail.

While cherishing the traditions, history, and culture of Kyoto, we continually seek to provide new value, contributing to the development of Kyoto both as an organization and as individual employees.

Valuing the essence of hospitality, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service. By upholding the spirit of hospitality, our aim is to become a globally acclaimed company, uplifting Kyoto and showcasing it to the world.

04.Joy in Shared Empathy: [HAPPY]

~ Bringing Smiles to Everyone Involved ~

We strive to create a workplace where employees can work with peace of mind and thrive in a supportive environment.

Each individual acts with responsibility and takes pride in their role as a specialist. We foster a culture where taking on challenges and learning from failures is not feared but embraced and continuously shared.

Our commitment extends beyond our employees to include their families, our esteemed business partners, the customers who enjoy our products, and all those connected to our enterprise. We promise to bring smiles to everyone involved, fostering a sense of joy and satisfaction.