The ‘Kyoto Whisky Nishijin-ori Series’ achieved high scores at USC 2023, held in the U.S.

Kyoto Shuzo Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Kyoto Miyako Distillery; located in Kyotamba-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto; CEO: Kazuya Toyoda) has obtained high scores for the third consecutive year at the USC (Ultimate Spirits Challenge) 2023, regarded as the world’s top distillate competition held in the United States, with our Kyoto Whisky Nishijin-ori Series.


Table of Contents
1. About USC (Ultimate Spirits Challenge)
2. About Kyoto Whisky Nishijin-ori Series
3. About Kyoto Miyako Distillery
4. Product Details



1.About USC (Ultimate Spirits Challenge)

The USC (Ultimate Spirits Challenge) is a global distilled spirits competition based in New York. It was founded and is chaired by F. Paul Pacult, a world-renowned authority in whisky criticism. The competition consists of a panel of whisky and spirits critics who serve as judges.

The evaluation takes place through blind tastings, where the products are assessed without knowledge of their brand names.



2.About Kyoto Whisky Nishijin-ori Series

Kyoto Whisky uses carefully selected raw spirits and strives to create whiskies that are all easy to drink. Among them, Kyoto Whisky MURASAKI-OBI, which received a high rating of 94, is recommended for its ability to evoke the true flavor of malt.

In addition, the front label features a splendid and luxurious Nishijin-ori design, which is meticulously applied by hand, one label at a time. Please note that these products are exclusively sold within Kyoto Prefecture in Japan.



3.About Kyoto Miyako Distillery

Kyoto Miyako Distillery is located in Kyotamba-cho, surrounded by the vast nature of the Tamba Plateau in the central part of Kyoto Prefecture. Not far from the distillery, there is Yura River which is famous for Ayu (Sweet fish) fishing grounds. Aiming to coexist in harmony with this rich natural environment, we continue to take on innovative challenges in whisky making.



4. Product Details
◆Kyoto Whisky MURASAKI-OBI (Nishijin-ori)

Size / 700ml
ABV / 43%
Raw Materials / malt

Luxuriously performing malty aroma with well-balanced smokiness.


◆Kyoto Whisky KURO-OBI (Nishijin-ori)

Size / 700ml
ABV / 46%
Raw Materials / malt, grain
Authentic bourbon-like whisky aged in virgin American oak barrels and carefully selected malt whisky are blended and finished in bourbon barrels.


◆Kyoto Whisky AKA-OBI (Nishijin-ori)

Size / 700ml
ABV / 40%
Raw Materials / malt, grain

An exquisite blend of selected malt whisky and grain whisky.




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