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In a triumph for Japanese whisky excellence, “Kyoto Whisky KURO-OBI (Nishijin-ori)” clinches top honors as ‘Japanese Blended Whisky of the Year’ in the revered Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2024!

We, Kyoto Shuzo Corporation (Hereinafter Kyoto Miyako Distillery. Location: Kyotamba-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto; CEO: Kazuya Toyota), are pleased to announce that our “Kyoto Whisky KURO-OBI (Nishijin-ori)” has been awarded ‘Japanese Blended Whisky of the Year’ in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2024.

Jim Murray, a renowned whisky critic, selected our whisky as the best in its category after tasting thousands of whiskies throughout the year.

Table of Contents
2. About Kyoto Whisky
3. About Kyoto Miyako Distillery
4. Product Details

The ‘Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible’ is a comprehensive guidebook on whiskies worldwide, authored by the renowned whisky critic Mr. Jim Murray. In this book, a multitude of whiskies from around the globe are meticulously reviewed based on strict evaluation criteria, with the selection of the best whiskies of the year.

Often referred to as the ‘man who has visited the most distilleries worldwide,’ Jim Murray himself travels extensively across the globe, tasting and evaluating thousands of whiskies, uncovering trends, and discovering hidden gems in the whisky industry.

As literally described by its name, the ‘Whisky Bible’ is hailed as the most comprehensive and internationally influential guide, thoroughly researching whiskies from around the world.

2. About Kyoto Whisky
Kyoto Whisky uses carefully selected unblended whisky, all of which are easy to drink.
“Kyoto Whisky KURO-OBI (Nishijin-ori)”, recipient of the ‘Japanese Blended Whisky of the Year’ award, is crafted by maturing a base spirit with an elegant and refreshing pear-like fruity aroma in new barrels made from charred white oak. The resulting whisky captures the sweet notes of vanilla and caramel derived from the cask, enhancing its richness and delivering a captivatingly luscious flavor profile.
Kyoto Whisky feature exquisite and luxurious Nishijin-ori (weaving) on the front labels, which are meticulously applied by hand, one by one, to each bottle. Please note that these products are exclusively available for sale within Kyoto Prefecture if you want it in Japan.

3. About Kyoto Miyako DistilleryKyoto Miyako Distillery is the first whisky distillery in Kyoto, located in the picturesque and nature-rich town of Kyotamba, in the central part of Kyoto Prefecture. Kyotamba-cho is surrounded by mountains, including Mt. Chorogatake and is known for its highland climate, characterized by significant temperature fluctuations between day and night. This temperature variation is essential for whisky production, as it greatly influences the maturation process, accelerating it.

While aiming to coexist harmoniously with this abundant natural environment, we uphold traditional methods that are fundamental to whisky production while fearlessly embracing new challenges.

4. Product Details◆Kyoto Whisky KURO-OBI (Nishijin-ori)

Size / 700ml
ABV / 46%
Raw Materials / malt, grain
Authentic bourbon-like whisky aged in virgin American oak barrels and carefully selected malt whisky are blended and finished in bourbon barrels.



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